PhotoView 360

PhotoView 360

PhotoView 360 is an integral part of Solidworks 2009 Professional or later
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PhotoView 360 is the new visualization and rendering solution from Solidworks. It's a highly interactive environment for viewing your designs as well as for creating photorealistic renderings that you can use to showcase your designs.

PhotoView 360, based on SolidWorks Intelligent Feature Technology (SWIFT), helps beginning CAD users achieve expert results. Its simple-to-use progressive rendering tools lets users photorealistically render a scene while allowing the user to continue working on the same scene, unlike software that forces users to wait until scenes are complete.

PhotoView 360 is now the standard photorealistic rendering solution for SolidWorks. PhotoWorks is no longer supported. Rendering capabilities are the same as in previous releases. The underlying technology has been updated to enhance the user experience and the final results.

Available in SolidWorks® Professional and SolidWorks Premium.

NOTE: PhotoView 360 is available only as a part of SolidWorks® Professional or SolidWorks Premium.

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